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Automatically Track Every Shipment; Reduce Data Processing Costs


Even government postal customers can log into a website and track the exact location of their parcels; your customers expect no less from you.

A well designed web site should not only provide customers an opportunity to learn about your company and how to contact you.  It should also connect you to your customers, and it should give new and existing customers or retailers a way to track order status, and give other feedback and communication.  A well designed system should enable this to happen with a minimum of additional data entry.

Your company is moving huge quantities of things all of the time, and they all have to be delivered to exactly the right place, just in time, and in the right method to arrive in the right condition.  Bar codes are scanned at every move – or they should be.  When appropriate, retailers or shipping partners should be able to access this data via website connections.  If this information is web available, then the need for Faxes and telephone calls is reduced, and data is consolidated in one place.

Third party logistics warehouses more an enormous percentage of the nation’s goods.   First, these warehouses receive raw materials for distribution to the manufacturing plant.  Then the warehouse receives and warehouses manufactured products, and then does pick, pack and shipping to fulfill customer orders. They send data back to the office to update the software and invoice the customer.   Use your web site to increase accuracy, enable process controls, and reduce data entry time.

Do deliveries to some locations required that the warehouse, truck driver, or office employee telephone the merchant or distribution center in advance?  Other destinations may require that a particular trucking company be used, and certain products, especially food, require that temperature controlled vehicles be used.  Some customers require that packing slips be shipped in a separate box from their products.  Let retailers use your website to specify their appropriate shipping guidelines.

Use Sprouton web design to push your website technology beyond a mere yellow pages add (though marketing is important!), beyond mere order taking from retailers (though that is crucial, too!), to a fully functional communications tool set that increases the efficiency of your customer service.

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