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How Students Choose a School or Training Center; How School Offices Handle & Present Data

Your website tells why the smart student should choose you.

There is a lot of competition for paying students, these days, and the student’s tuition dollar is being fought over as never before. Whether you are a top-notch college, a well rated Montessori primary school or even a government school, your prospective students (and their parents) now investigate their options thoroughly. You need your information to be part of what they look at first, or they may never get to you.

Search Engine Optimization makes your name, or your program, come up on the prospective student’s Google, Bing, or Yahoo search. Sprout on Web knows how to make sure your web site includes key words that will let the search engines know, so that prospective students know, that you have what they are looking for.

Search Engine Optimization is especially important where there might not be strict geographic limitations on where a prospective student will go, for instance, continuing professional education, specialized professional education, and college or graduate level education.

Once a prospective student finds your site, your young and tech savvy audience needs to see that your program data is presented in a crisp, professional, tech savvy and engaging way. They should also find that it is easy to leave their contact information, or even, depending upon your admissions system, to begin the process of applying or even enrolling and paying.

Students and trainees are kept up to date and informed by your website.

Once students matriculate, your institution will want to spend as many resources as possible on training and teaching, and as little as possible on in house printing, mailing, or document distribution. Use your web site to post schedules, curricula, syllabi, reading lists, staff and student directories, perhaps even homework. With Sprouton Web, you can maximize the usefulness of your web site, and significantly reduce paper usage and mailing and administrative office time and costs.

Keep your alumni linked to you, so youreducational mission continues

Once students or trainees leave your program, you want them to remember you, to be able easily to refer new prospects to you, and to be active in alumni associations, even if they go to geographically remote areas.  With a really good web site, this is easy.

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