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Let IT architects design and build your web site, so you can design and build your projects.

You may be more tech-savvy than most.  Most of you did not go into your field of engineering to be computer programmers, customer reps, or salesmen.  You chose your field of specialty so that you could focus your talents on becoming really good at that specialty.  So, specialize, already, and let Sprouton Web both bring in business for you, and also free up your time to handle that business.

There are five parts to a web site project:

1.            Hardware of Cloud hosting:  the place where your data and programs actually physically reside

2.            The facade, the visible “front end” of the site, that potential customers and customers see on the screen, along with any visible interactive parts of the site.

3.            The data content, which is what really describes you and separates you from your competitors.

4.            The all-important “back end” which describes the programing that provides the structural framework and working parts of the web site.

5.            If applicable to your business model, the e-commerce part of your website, where you can actually schedule appointments, or sell professional services – by letting the web site do the selling for you, while you are doing something else.

Professional engineers and engineering firms are now finding that potential customers are searching for longer periods, and looking farther afield, before they hire.  Clients search by comparing web-based portfolios.  You make a good impression primarily by getting potential customers rapidly and easily to the information they want to have, or by helping them with the problem that led them to look for an engineer or design firm.   If more information is available about your properties, than about your competitors’, and if your data are easier to find, you will have opportunities to make sales that would otherwise have gone elsewhere.

For architectural design sales, you need more than pretty pictures.  Yes, people want to see your drawings, and sometimes they will buy your designs right off the web.  Often however, they also want to know about price ranges, utility efficiencies, “green” tax credits, and handicapped accessibility modifications.Sprouton Web can give you interactive design tools to allow you to provide that.

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