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Using web-based technology to improve your department’s service to the public, while you do more work with fewer resources.

The federal government budget and payroll are growing, but yours almost certainly is not.  State and local governmental offices are under increasing pressure to provide more, and faster, service to the public, with ever less money, in an environment or rising costs and prices.

Sprouton Web can help you.

Chances are that back when your department was first started, no one dreamed that you would be doing business over the internet, or that the public would expect you to do so very much with the internet.  Chances are that your department budget has been asked to do an increasing amount of internet and IT work, without its resources or budget having ever been significantly revised to support this significant additional function.

If you have an employee who is trained in the work special to your department, and he is spending a lot of time doing IT work, you are not maximizing his efficiency.  If you are employing an IT guy, who is not trained in the public policy field you serve, you may still need that other guy, who is trained in your field.

Chances are, you could out-source your web site work to Sprout On Web, and get everything you need for front and back end support , even hosting and interactive elements, for your web site, and still have funds left over to hire someone whom you really need.

The biggest benefit is that you would find yourself serving more people with less effort, and remain or become deservedly popular with your constituants.

In fact, with good interactive design, you can get a website that enables citizens to not only look up data and research regulations, but also to file documents and to pay fees on line, and at their convenience, so that, with a really good web design, you could come in in the morning, to find that citizens have already found needed information, received necessary forms, and paid bills – while the brick-and-mortar city hall was closed.  You can economically keep your government office department open for service 365 days per year, without having your employees work on holidays or weekends, with the help of Sprouton Web.

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