Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality Begins With An Invitation
You need to be inviting your future guests to come see you, whenever they have a few free computer minutes to dream of travel or fine dining.

People dreaming about that perfect vacation, honeymoon, cruise, retirement trip, world tour, retreat, or penny-pinching business trip, are not going to wait for a free afternoon to go down to the travel agency office. Often, they search the web for ideas and options in odd quarter hours between other tasks, or late in the evening when their daily work is done.  You will lose business unless you attract potential travelers immediately when they start looking, and before they have settled on a competitor

Travel, unless for strictly business purposes, engages all the senses, and the emotions, more than many things in ordinary life.  Gorgeous pictures, which also evoke thoughts of delicious smells, pleasant breezes, good food, and beautiful sounds, must flow through your website, along with descriptions that make your potential customer want to accept your implicit invitation right then and there.

You must get potential customers rapidly and easily to the information they want to have.  First, people want to know about price ranges, incidental costs, sporting opportunities, museums, cultural and recreational venues, and local transportation.  Then, they hopefully want to know what to do to make a reservation, and how to pay.  Or, at least, whom to call and speak to in the morning.

The first thing needed is a functional home page, through which your customers can easily find the specific data they want from you.

Then, you need a system by which you and your authorized employees can correct or post updated information and schedules.  Once a good information system is developed, keeping it current becomes an issue immediately, as relevant data changes more rapidly in the hospitality and tourism industry, than in any other.  Unless you want to have an IT person on staff, working most days to keep your site data current, you should consider Sprouton Web.

You need a good linking system to your business partners, and a really good transparent system for making this work, so that it takes a minimum of effort to support your web system.  The programing part of your website, called the “back end” requires constant maintenance, which Sprouton Web can do.

Most hotels, inns, B &Bs, and even some restaurants now have facilities for on-line reservations, registrations, and advance payment.  The advantages are obvious.  Imagine having your desk clerk come into work at 7:00a.m., to find that several parties have already made –and paid! – for reservations, without him spending a minute on the telephone, so he can be completely engaged in assisting present guests.   The up-front work of designing a lovely website, with e-commerce payment/receipt capacity, can pay huge dividends in increased traffic, and reduced office work later on.  Sprouton Web is the economical, supported, and effective partner in this work.

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