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Your Patients and Potential Patients are Researching on the Web Around the Clock


Your patients and potential patients are researching medical questions, and medical professionals, on the internet.  If you do not have a presence there, they are not going to choose to come to you.  If you do not make information available, they will get information elsewhere.  Health questions, and health care issues, arise at all hours, and are now researched at all hours.

A web site, well designed, can serve several functions for doctors.  First, naturally, it is an advertising and marketing tool.  Patients looking for a new doctor will use it as older people used to use telephone directories and referral services.It is also a screening device:  patients will use the information on a website to evaluate whether they feel comfortable with the philosophy and practice style of a particular office.  For instance, some prefer an older, more experienced doctor, some a patient wants a younger, more versed in recent developments, further from retirement doctor.  Some prefer a large practice, with lots of depth of personnel, and 24-hour 7-day per week coverage.  Others want to know that they will always be speaking to the same doctor and to the same nurse or receptionist.

A website can be used to educate patients about what to expect with regard to certain medical services, such as what do routine services such as screenings and well-child physicals cost, what insurance plans participate with a particular practice, what is the typical course of treatment, for, such things as, for instance, a healthy pregnancy, or how likely is it that there may be variations from standard protocol.

 The educational function of a website is useful to medical professionals in three ways:

  • Marketing:  it will give prospective patients a sense of security and of knowing what to expect, which makes them more likely to become actual patients;
  • Screening:  it screens out patients who are looking for something different , or who are unprepared to pay the normal patient portion of your usual charges;
  • Patient Satisfaction: it makes it more likely that the patients who come to your practice after having read your website will be good patients, with an understanding or protocol and office procedures.

To accomplish its marketing, screening, and educational functions, a website must be well designed, and easy to update as needed.  Important as this is, the medical doctors who run the practice and treat patients should not have to take too much of their time trying to be IT professionals, which is why you should hire Sprouton Web to bring in patients and income, while you do the work which you do best.

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