Real Estate Agents and Property Developers

This is how people shop for real estate now.

As soon as people start considering a move, they start to research neighborhoods and look at houses via the web, well before they get physically into the new community.

If you are a property developer or real estate agent, you will lose business unless you attract potential purchasers immediately when they start looking, and before they have begun working with some competitor.  You attract customers before the other guy does, by having your services and your contact information available in the first place that a customer begins his search – and that, these days, is via the best designed, easiest to use, most “friendly” and intuitive web site.  You really have to do this well, because making a bad impression in your web site is no better than failing to have a web presence at all.

You make a good impression primarily by getting potential customers rapidly and easily to the information they want to have, or by helping them with the problem that led them to look for an agent or developer.  For this, you need more than pretty pictures.  Yes, people want to see pictures of available properties.  They also want to know about price ranges, utility costs, school districts neighboring independent schools, parks, libraries, sports, cultural and recreational venues, and transportation.

HIGHLIGHT OR CALL-OUT:If more information is available about your properties, than about your competitors’, and if your data are easier to find, you will have opportunities to make sales that would otherwise have gone elsewhere.

Sellers also check out estate agents on-line before picking up the telephone or sending an e-mail.  Your web presence should make it easy for a potential seller to see how much you will be able to do for him; how well you understand the market, and how well you will be able to market his property, by finding the buyers to whom its positive features will be worth the most.  Also, your web design should make it very easy for a prospective seller to choose you for his agents right away, and to arrange via your web page to call or meet your agents in person.  Let a potential seller enter and send you his contact and his property information, and immediately get feedback from your site regarding how many similar properties you have handled, the name and career record of the agent responsible for that area, price ranges in that location, or other useful data.

Most real estate buyers, and many sellers, begin and perform much of their shopping at least for an agent, and maybe for the property itself, on line.  Sprout On Web knows how to design and program web systems that are more than just pretty pictures or slide shows.  We know how to make it simple for you and your customers to exchange enough real information so that your potential customers can not only window shop; they can actually and functionally shop, because they can begin their profitable business relationship with you, at any time of the day or night, from any location, before they log off.  This level of function requires deep back end programing, which we can do economically and transparently.

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