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We can help you develop information technology into a powerful website toolset, to empower your charity.

You can do better work with better tools.  The meaning of the word “technology” is “making, usage, and knowledge of tools.”  There was a time, not long ago, when if a charity had a website at all, then all it really needed was to provide a contact listing and an evocative picture, much like an upgraded yellow pages advertisement.   Then, web pages became more elaborate, and more detailed, to become on-line multi-paged pamphlets, that allowed potential donors to learn about and evaluate different charitable giving options from the comfort of their homes, at any convenient hour.

Whether your office functions are handled entirely by paid staff, or whether you are partly staffed by volunteers, Sprout on Web understands the needs for organizations such as yours to have web sites that are exceedingly simple for new staff or volunteers to learn, and that have plenty of support available.  A simple and transparent user interface requires really good programing design at the back end, which we know how to provide.  The idea is that better use of website and information technology will enable you both to reach more donors, and to work more efficiently, so that administration costs and time decrease, while work accomplished increases.  Every dollar goes further, AND you get more dollars coming in to work with.

The five tool sets of a charity’s web site are:

  • First, the “front end” that people see,
  • Second, the content, the text that people read, with information about
    •  donations received,
    • people served,
    • or geographic areas served,
    •  what has been given to them,
    •  or what has been done for them,
    •  and all the other information that tells readers what you do,
    •  and why you care so much that you choose to spend your time and effort in this work,
    • and what or why they might want to contribute or how to assist, as well.
    • Third is the “Hosting” the physical computers or cloud technology that actually contains your IT programs and data.
    • Fourth is the “back end” which means the programs and data itself.
    • Fifth, if appropriate to your organization, is the “e-commerce” part, which is able to accept payments, and/or sell products.

 Not all eleemosynary organizations want to be selling products, but all do want to be able to accept donations easily, and for this reason, it makes sense for your web site to have the capacity to accept financial donations through e=commerce functionality.

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