Don’t Just Go for a Label… Go for an Icon
You have a vision… we’ll help you turn it into an image that reflects your product with fidelity. Our branding departmentcan develop an identifiable image for your product.

Ah yes, the power of the image. How often have you heard those bespectacled, clove-smoking, profundity-spewing pedants make intellectual gravy out of the power of image-based marketing? Ok, maybe never. Maybe you have no idea what we’re getting at. Well, just think about some of the most popular products out there right now. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Most people would say something about the logo or sign of the business, something iconic.

Image is everything, as they say. You want an image that reflects your product with fidelity, but also adds something into the mix. Our branding department doesn’t just design logos. We understand exactly what people like to look at, and when and where they like to see them.

Sprout On Web treats branding as it ought to be treated, a subtle artform. Coming up with an excellent symbol and then spamming it all over the placeisn’t exactly a good idea. People will remember your catchy logo… and associate it with annoyance and pestilence. Don’t plague yourself with bad publicity! Entrust your branding needs to a firm that understands the importance of a subtle strategy. Sprout On Web gets it. Quality marketing firms know the power of understatement. Sometimes all a well-designed logo needs is proper application. We know exactly where to stick them.

We live in a world of symbols. We’re swimming in a sea of them. Has the saturation point been reached? Absolutely not. We are far too primed to respond to symbols… they are the perfect synthesis between visual and abstract.

The key in today’s burnt out branding market is to stand out in a unique way that suggests humanity and grace. Sprout On Web will set an all-around strategy into motion that will develop in the most natural, organic way possible. Our expertise will reflect itself through the renewed vitality of your business.

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