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Keep things Fresh and Exciting, Keep Customers Interested with Microsites
There’s no need to bore your customers with long, extended sites when you have the option of putting separate chunks of info on separate microsites.

People these days are so overstimulated that they get bored very easily.  You can lament our culture’s loss of attention span all you want, and yearn for the old days when a hoop and a stick could keep the kids entertained all afternoon, but then you’d be missing out on the business angle.  That’s right, there’s almost always an upside to everything.

Think about it… if your potential customers are easily distracted, you ought to take advantage of this.  One of the ways to do this online is with microsites.  Microsites are a few smaller sites, away from the main business site, that play host to particular pieces of information that are similarly separate from the main crux of your business.  It’s a perfect way to keep hold of potential customers who have clicky fingers.

When they want to navigate away from your main page, you ought to give them something completely different to go to.  When they aren’t annoyed with you and your site, there’s a better chance that they’ll want to do business with you.

At Sprout On Web, our customers love the microsites we’ve put together for them over the years.  It’s become an increasingly popular option for all businesses, but particularly for those with several different divisions, departments, or disparate services.  When it comes down to it, each moneymaking piece of your business deserves to have adequate attention, and that’s exactly what we do with your microsites.

Its time for you to consider all the things that you can do in order to increase your business online.  Instead of overspending for mixed results, think about doing something more efficient, more effective, and less expensive.  Think about taking on Sprout On Web for a try with our fantastic microsite concept.

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