Visibility on the Web is the New “Location, Location, Location”


Getting a high search engine rating for your site is an artform.  Sprout On Web keeps up on things to keep you at the forefront.

Remember the early days of search engine optimization?  Those thousands of tiny words stuffed at the bottom of most webpages were like rudimentary fishing nets designed to catch the salmon run of online traffic.  As annoying as it may have been, it’s hard to knock those who ran the sites… many played this technique to the tune of millions of dollars and web dominance.

Of course, Google and the other popular search engines have since made their search algorithms more “intelligent”, making it much less likely that some obnoxiously and mindlessly keyword-stuffed site is going to show up as high on the search results as it did in the past.  The latest restructuring of Google’s algorithm took place fairly recently, and the results have been quite noticeable.  Many out there have called the process out as an overly-complicated and inscrutable gauntlet, but that’s just because they haven’t figured out the process yet.

The process of SEO and Search Engine Marketing has evolved from simple and tedious into one that requires both flexibility and intelligence.  It’s definitely not easy anymore.  What was once something achievable by a rather slow monkey is now the domain of specialists.

Sprout On Web just so happens to be some of those specialists.  We’ve been in the web business for a long time now, and have watched the evolution of this game.  These search engines have been telling us for a long time that things are going to change, and we’ve been training and positioning ourselves for that moment.

Now that the time has come, we’re totally here for you, the producer, to help you bring in as many consumers as possible.  All you’ve got to do is give Sprout On Web a call, and we’ll get you off the shelf and on the map immediately.

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