SproutOnWeb V2 – How we went through our webdesign redesign process.

Welcome to SproutOnWeb’s new and improved website. People who know our company ask us, why the redesign?
As any business we have outgrown our existing website in a very short period of time. As we continue to grow, we have come across clients with varied requirements and demands. We have made strategic hires based on the market demand, technology forecast and our client’s present and future requirements. We could have made few minor changes to showcase our services and works, however we couldn’t have made full justice to the skills and talent that we have in our organization and the services that we offer. And hence now lands SproutOnWeb V2.

As part of this article we also thought it would be good to introduce to our readers how we went through our redesign process. This is similar to how we work with our clients in providing website design and redesign process.

Steps in website redesign:

Our growth has predominantly been by word of mouth, like any business for us to grow we started with a Digital Strategy that sets out clear objectives. Ours were:

Brand Analysis:

We conducted market position analysis and identified various opportunities to better leverage the value of our brand.

Market and Demography Analysis:

Focus on our target market, vertices and technologies that we specialize in. This helped us to build clear content and landing pages.

Usability and Information Architecture:

We conducted mind-map sessions with our clients, sales, product, design and development teams. There were free flow of thoughts and ideas. This was narrowed down to a structured mind-map that became the information architecture. This is how we work with our clients, deeply engaging our clients and their requirements.

SEO and Content Strategy:

There are different schools of thought if you need content first or design first. We do believe that designers need content to build and design creative masterpieces, however there is always fine-tuning that is achieved through team collaboration.

Web Design & Development:

Engaging designers and software development team in requirement gathering and usability sessions help designers to create work that is creative and engaging.

CMS & Mobile Platforms:

Selecting the right CMS is probably the biggest dilemma that we face today. You will be surprised to know that our website is actually on WordPress. Why we selected this is probably a topic for itself.

Social Media Activation:

One of our key objectives is opening up multiple channels of conversation amongst our brand advocates. We believe our well-defined social strategy will drive long-term value for our brand.

We will be keen to know your feedback on our new and improved website.

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