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We are bringing order to the confusing cloud market. With cloud, Integrated Online System for SMB/SMEs is a reality without breaking the bank.

So how does this work?

Today you might be working on different fragmented systems for your email and collaboration, CRM/ERP, Accounting and invoicing etc. How does there systems talk to each other without expensive licensing and capital costs that only large organisations could afford. The answer is cloud integration.
SproutOnWeb work with various providers who have cloud and SaaS applications, hosted, and co-located solutions. We identify aspects of your business operations that can not only be on the cloud but also truly integrated and talking to each other. Let’s look at what aspects of your business can be on the cloud and providers we work with:

  • For e-mail there are Google Apps, IBM Lotus Live, and Microsoft 365.
  • For accounting, where growing companies often find themselves needing more scalable products, there are SAASU and the amusingly named, but efficient, MYOB.
  • For ERP and CRM, which larger businesses are now beginning to do by SaaS or cloud more often than not, there are SalesForce, SAP Business One, and Freshbooks.

All of these products can be integrated with each other. We are competent in the use of all these programs, and can advise you regarding which, if any, is going to be most economical for your enterprise at this and future stages, and which is most economically scalable.

When or if your platform moves to the cloud, SproutOnWeb can provide managed support, starting from design and development to the hosting and data center management stages, so that the platform transition is smooth and easy, with no downward notches in your upward-trending profit line.
We find that this is a particularly useful service for a web IT company to provide, because very often businesses are developing enhanced web site functions at the same time that they are expanding their data center platforms.

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