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SproutOnWeb can help you prepare for the next leap in online education collaboration helping every member of education eco-system.

Sustainability of quality education and access to it need a multi-stakeholder approach that include collaboration between education leaders, teachers, parents, private sector investments, and innovative companies to address many of the needs at individual student level.  Technology today has the potential to increase access to education as well as improve teacher training and student learning.

SproutOnWeb Student Information System

Education e-Management Features

SproutOn Web online student information system’s modular approach can include as many of the following as a school wants to have:

Report Cards

When report card data is digital, it can easily be aggregated and analyzed. Give parents and teachers easy access to current and past performance indicators for a particular student. Allow space for teacher comments. Reduce administrative paperwork delays: teachers can input data, and parents can access it immediately.

Health Records

Parents, teachers, and administrators will access current and past records easily. Online digital format also allows administrators to analyze cumulative and historical data, for instance to see whether fitness programs have a positive impact on student health.

Attendance Management

Teachers or aides still must input the data, but from there on, analysis, messages to parents, notifications and data tracking can all be automated. Administrators spend less time handling paper, and more with students or parents.

Subject Enrollments

An easy way to disseminate information to students and parents, and an easy way for them to make selections, and even handle the registration process. Online course registration can save administrative time, and reduce errors.

Homework and Assignment Management

Whenever students type their essays and reports, online submission saves both paper and time. Also, sometimes teachers feel the need to employ search engine verification that data was not “lifted” from the internet. Online homework submissions make this easy.

Online Video Integration

The uses of video are only bounded by the teacher’s goals. Video a class for an ill or injured student. Ask students to view instructional videos as part of homework. Record student oral reports. If you are a boarding school, conduct face-to-face meetings with parents and discuss student progress.

Student Billing

Collect student fees securely online. Paper and postage for small fees such as sports programs, hot lunches, or extracurricular activities can be expensive; online billing and payment saves loads of paper, postage, and administrative time. Online payment options may get money in more quickly, too.

School E-commerce

Add additional source of revenue by selling stationary, text books, school uniforms and shoes, all this securely purchased online by parents and students. Revenue goes directly to school revenue bottom-line without any management and maintenance costs. School Spirit, and school shirts, mugs, or logo products can be great for fund raising – if administrative costs don’t eat into your profits! School E-commerce is the answer.

Library Management

Our Library Management module can be run from anywhere on the internet or an intranet and is used to track items owned, orders made, bills paid, and patrons who have borrowed.

Calenders/Time-Table & Event Management

Online communication is now the way that calendars or schedules are disseminated. People go online to verify times and places of school events. Administrators, parents and teachers can now view school calendars and schedules by day, week, month and year.

On Line Notice Boards

Publish news, events and any latest school news and information online quickly and easily. One click updates information on school website, at the same time sends emails and SMS to relevant groups.

SMS Integration

Communicate in real time with individual parents, or with all the parents in the school. SMS stands for short message service that allows failure-free communication between computers and cell phones or other digital devices. Suited for announcing school holidays, alerts and other important messages.

Biometric Authentication

Biometric Authentication module can be implemented in multiple ways. School can track and manage teacher and student attendance. Student attendance at examination can be tracked to avoid proxies.

Social Media Integration

This can be done to the extent that the teachers and administrators of a school find helpful. Does your school need a Facebook or twitter account for community building or school spirit? Or for advertising purposes? We have a solution for you.

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